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Bringing Joy To The Skin *Bee Healed

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What is sensitive skin? People with sensitive skin may notice that the skin stings, gets red and becomes blotchy and feel uncomfortable after using certain products and cosmetics, or being exposed to harsh weather, or air pollution, all of this affects the nerve endings on the top layer of the skin. The skin needs to be treated properly with gentle organic products.
Suitable for all skin types but particulary good for those with sensitive skin.
10ml New Edition Cleansing Cream, 10ml Youthful Moisturiser, 10ml Chamomile Hydrogel, 15ml Essential Moisturiser, 10ml SOS Serum Oil, 15ml Silver Bee Venom Mask, 15ml Prism Age Defiance Cream, 45ml Cleanse & Foam Facial Wash, 5ml Formula Bee Eyes, 15ml Essential 'It's a Dream Moisturiser
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